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Mau Tampil Kece, Simak Yuk Gaya Hijab 3 Hijabers Influencer Ini

Pradita Ananda, Jurnalis · Rabu 05 Februari 2020 13:05 WIB
https: img-z.okeinfo.net content 2020 02 05 615 2163665 mau-tampil-kece-simak-yuk-gaya-hijab-3-hijabers-influencer-ini-lRxNykZq12.jpg Ilhan Omar (Foto: Inst)

Banyak sekali hijabers influencer yang suka memamerkan gaya hijabnya. Kalau kamu ingin tampil kece, bisa loh meniru gaya hijab mereka yang kece dan colorful.

Seperti dilansir dari About Islam, terdapat 3 hijabers influencer yang bisa kamu jadikan inspirasi. Simak ya berbagai gaya hijab mereka!

1. Leah Vernon


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Mental illness can be funny. And, when I say funny, I mean serious. How one day—even one hour—you can be doing great. Then the next, not so great. Although it’s important to share accomplishments and the pretty things that happen in our lives, it’s also important to share the not so awesome, the unfiltered moments. You’d think I’d be happy about a lot of the things I’m cookin up lately, and I am. Trust me when I tell you that I feel a pang of guilt, shame when I share these moments. Still. My periods have been very irregular since the book tour began. It hasn’t even came this month either. Someone asked me if I was under stress. Maybe, I replied. I do have a lot on my plate. Yesterday, this nasty feeling began in the pit of my stomach. That feeling of dread, despair. For my people who’ve experienced anxiety attacks, you know this feeling. Then the inability or motivation to do anything happens. Then the guilt from not producing happens. It’s a fucked cycle. That goes on and on and on. Woke up this morning with the same feeling of something bad happening. Everything I’ve worked for will perish. I’m anxious and antsy and tired at the same time. I’m a mess today. And, please don’t come at me with “think positively” or any other blanket statements that most slap on people with mental health issues. I’m sharing this because things can be going “well” but it doesn’t mean anxiety, depression or other diagnoses will just magically dissolve. You don’t owe people a happy/sane narrative. You don’t owe folks suffering in silence either. How are you doing mentally this week? Do you feel shame or fear when speaking about your own trials with mental health? Is this a cultural thing? Let’s chat. 📸 @moonreflectionsphotography MUA: @madinah_theskintherapist #newyorkblogger #psootd #plussize #instafashion #bodypositive #bgki #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #fatphobia #blackgirlswhoblog #fashion #londonblogger #psfashion #blackgirlmagic #muslimgirl #bodyconfidence #plusmodel #feminist #intersectionalfeminism #turbanista #bodydysmorphia #fatacceptance #selflove #goldenconfidence #modestfashion #ootd #editorial #mentalhealth #floral #hijab

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Salah satu influencer berhijab plus size yang menginspirasi ini, menunjukkan bahwa perempuan dengan bentuk tubuh dan warna kulit apapun bisa tampil dan merasa cantik atas dirinya sendiri. Bukan hanya aktif sebagai content creator dan pembicara, Leah juga model hijab plus size loh. Jadi kamu yang plus size bisa melihat gayanya ya.

2. Ilhan Omar


Seorang aktivis, ibu, dan pengungsi. Ilhan Omar juga seorang perempuan muslim yang sangat berprestasi. Ia bahkan menjadi anggota Kongres AS. Ia selalu tampail menawan dengan gaya hijabnya. Kamu bisa loh meniru gaya hijabnya yang menawan dan membuat perempuan muslimah tampak smart.

3. Ibtihaj Muhammad


Atlet Olimpiade asal Amerika Serikat, perempuan muslim peraih medali emas pertama di Olimpiade. Aktif juga sebagai penulis, bukunyan yang berjudul ‘The Proudest Blue’ masuk sebagai buku terlaris. Tidak hanya itu, sekarang Ibtihaj juga terjun ke dunia fesyen dengan terjun sebagai perancang busana.


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